“The term ‘gifted and talented children’ means in accordance with objective criteria prescribed by the Commissioner, children who have outstanding intellectual ability or creative talent, the development of which requires special activities or services not ordinarily provided by local education agencies. ~ The Education Amendments of 1969 (U.S. Congress, 1970)

Cognitively and Mentally Engaged

Displays Abstract & Creative Thinking

Divergent Interests

Elaborates Without Prompting

Gravitates to the Complex 

High Expectations 

Highly Opinionated & Intense

Intuitive Understanding

Inquisitive and Asks Questions

Keen Sense of Task Orientation

Loves Complexity and Challenge

Manipulates Information with Purpose

Need for Precision

Over the Top Ideas/Innovations

Plays Around, Yet Performs Well

Rapid Comprehension Rate

Type I – The Successful

Type II – The Challenging

Type III – The Underdog

Type IV – The Dropout

Type V – The Double-Labeled

Type VI –The Autonomous Learner