GEM delivers interactive seminars targeted toward the array of gifted education categories including but not limited to:  curriculum development, curriculum modification, differentiating instruction, service delivery models, and student identification. Our interactive seminars are customized to meet the needs of individual partners.

GEM works alongside leadership to plan professional learning communities focused on curriculum enhancement, pedagogy specific to the earning profiles of gifted learners, assessing student work for instruction, and unpacking NAGC Standards.

We believe that the most impactful professional development is practical and job-embedded. Applying this method and coaching teachers inside classrooms is both effective and friendly to your school budget. This is why our model employs side-by-side coaching in the classroom facilitating learning and observing colleagues to identify best practices and strategies to adopt and apply in their own pedagogical practice.

Gifted Education Matters works alongside district administrators, school leaders, teachers and educators to design, develop, implement, and evaluate gifted programs.

Specific program components include:

  • Alignment with State regulations and learning standards
  • Student Identification
  • Gifted programming and service delivery
  • Program evaluation & efficacy¬†

The team at Gifted Education Matters will listen to your needs, investigate current practices, and customize our services to meet your specific goals and needs, while not ensuring compliance with Local and Federal Regulations but also supporting the high intellectual performance of your students.